Volunteer Group on Saturday – Surveys at Wader Scrape

In 1989, a big hole was dug in the ground at the nature reserve to create the Wader Scrape. Over time, this wetland feature hasn’t turned out to be the scrape for wading birds as was hoped but is, however, and interesting site for other wildlife. Some of this wildlife is well-known, some is not. And so, on Saturday, we embark on a fact finding mission to discover a bit more about the place.

This Saturday (18th) we will be doing some sampling of invertebrates in the water to get a general idea of what is in there, using a variety of identification aids. This bit is all very new for us so we should have good fun working it all out together. We’ll also do some newt and moth trapping and take a look at some of the plants too.

We’ll meet at 9.30am in the car park and be finished by 3pm, as usual.

Please bring with you a pair of Wellington boots (if you have them and want to wade in – they’re not essential). A notebook and pencil may be helpful too.

If you are able to make it along then please let me know.

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