Volunteer Groups this Weekend

If the weather is kind to us we will be carrying out a variety of surveys this weekend as follows…

We will meet in the car park at 8PM, whence we shall head out onto the reserve to set up moth traps which will run overnight. Using the light from the traps, the ancient art of sugaring and using some nets and a white sheet, we’ll note all the different moths that we encounter. We’ll also have a couple of bat detectors and a torch to see what we can track down, particularly to try track down Daubenton’s bat which was recorded for the first time in 2011. I will be out until about midnight but folk can head away whenever they’ve had enough.

We’ll meet in the main reserve car park at 8AM to head out and empty the moth traps. After we’ve done this, we’ll move on to the Wader Scrape to guddle about in the water and try our hand at a very basic survey of aquatic invertebrates. This last one is very new for us all so it’ll be a case of working it out as we go along but should be a lot of fun. Wellington boots might be helpful for this but not essential. We will be finished by 2pm.

Please let me know if you can make it along to either or both events.

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