Buckthorn Bash and Cookout on Sunday (15th Dec)

big fireThe last volunteer group of the year will be on Sunday when we’re planning on going out with a roar as we make big fire again.

We’ll be taking out sea buckthorn and will also be having another cookout so there’ll be hot food available for everyone and teas and coffees too. On the menu will be a joint of meat cooked in a fire pit, baked tatties, veg stew and Christmas pudding with rum sauce! A veritable feast! There will be paper plates to use but they’re a bit on the floppy side so if you have your own plate that you can bring along then please do. There will be mugs and cutlery but feel free to bring your own if you like.

We’ll meet at 9.30am in the car park and finish by 3pm, as usual.

If you’re able to come along to dig and eat then please let me know.

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