Final Buckthorn Burn of the Season on Sunday (16th)

IMG_4105Sunday will see our last appointment with sea buckthorn for the season. We have made great progress again this year and I hope to finish off most if not all of the work along the track towards Gullane Point (which, wind permitting, means plenty more fires!).

We will meet at the car park at 9.30am and return by 3pm as usual.

Feel free to bring along anything you’d like to put on the fire to cook.

Please let me know if you hope to come along.

Thanks to the 12 of you who cleared and burnt up lots of buckthorn regrowth last Wednesday. It was another successful day. Iā€™m sure you all noted that it stopped raining at 9.10am and started again at 2.55pm. Just the extra lengths I go to for your enjoyment and comfort!

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