Reedmace Removal on Wednesday

reedmace teamWell, what a lovely hot summer it’s been so far. And what better weather to get stuck into (hopefully not literally!) a muddy pool?! We will be back at the Wader Scrape on Wednesday, taking out reedmace to create more open, fringing vegetation.

Because of the hot weather, the water level in the Scrape is very low so it’ll be more guddling in mud than wading in water. As usual, you can get stuck into the muddy bits or  stay out in the relative dry to do this task. Wellington boots are probably best but it depends on how muddy and smelly you want to get! Click here for more info on the task.

We will meet in the car park at 9.30am and be finished by 3pm, as usual. Please let me know if you can make it along.

Also, for all of you who’ve been involved in litter picks on the nature reserve, an article on the blog for the Isle of May NNR may be an interesting read for you. Thanks Liz for suggesting this.

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