Removing Invasive Plants from Dune Grassland

We had a big group of over 20 on Sunday who all did great work in removing 22 bags of the introduced and invasive plant, Two-spined Acaena, from the sand dunes at Gullane Bents. This plant threatens to crowd out the diverse, native flora and so we’re on a mission to try to get rid of it. We also celebrated volunteer Howard’s 80th birthday! Many thanks to Abbie for the photos.

Did You Know?

Two-spined Acaena, and its close relative Pirri-pirri-Bur, both arrived here on fleeces imported from South America and New Zealand and is grown as a garden plant. It is a great threat to the biodiversity of our dune grasslands and the Council Ranger Service is expending a lot of energy removing it from the County. Their numerous spiny seeds cling to clothing and fur, breaking up when pulled, and dogs have had to be shaved to remove them! Please let us know if you spot any and we’d be most grateful if you could remove it from your garden if you have any.

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