Aberlady Bay Watch – wildlife surveys

Over the next few years I am hoping to spend time and effort looking at the much less well-known (nay, unknown) wildlife that lives on the nature reserve. And this is where you may come in. I am looking for keen people to help with this work. You don’t need any previous experience, the idea is that it’s an opportunity to learn about a new area of plants or animals (and maybe even become something of an expert!). The nature reserve will really gain as we’ll know so much more about what’s happening in it which will help us to manage it for the future.

At the moment, birds, butterflies, and higher plants are pretty well covered. And so, I’m looking for people to take on investigations into any other groups that may interest them. For example, this may be lichens, fungi, mosses, moths, bats, dragonflies, freshwater invertebrates, marine life in the Bay, etc…

Help is at hand. Thanks to grant money received from CSV, we have been able to buy survey kit and identification guides and there are some local experts who can be smiled at to get help. We have experts in lichens and fungi already lined up to assist.

If you or anyone else you know would be keen to get involved then do let me know.