Time for a new diet

I received some good news recently in the form of external guitar exam results – 2 passes, 5 merits & 5 honours. The grades ranged from one to six. Sadly, this marks the end of a lengthy relationship with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as their syllabus expires this year. They have merged with Trinity College and a new joint syllabus is soon to emerge. It is not certain that the specialist examiner policy will be retained. All will be revealed in mid-June at a workshop in Edinburgh.

If anything is to be learned from the recent diet of exams it is that those who scored highly, did so in every aspect of the exam, leaving nothing to chance. The moral? If you have guests coming, be sure to hoover in all the corners. You never know where they’ll look.

I was also very impressed at the unflappable nature of one pupil who broke a string shortly before going in. I was not in the room at the time, but I would never have been able to guess whose plight this was by appearances. That’s showbiz!