Some Music Has Bars

This is a dual-purpose entry hoping to:

  1. experiment with “links”
  2. launch a plea for the freeing-up of barred websites

While preparing pieces for submission to the SQA this week (see The New Higher), I hoped to check the accuracy of a version of a “Little Prelude” by Bach. I tried to log onto a favourite site of
guitar midi files but found this was barred because the word “entertainment” featured somewhere. I took this to be a lesson in life – and teaching – and vowed to exclude mirth and tangential, thought-provoking questions from all future lessons. Instead, I’ve ordered a massive blackboard, a cubic metre of chalk and a rather fetching academic gown/mortar board outfit.

If anyone can direct me to the person who can check and authorise websites for school use, I’d be very grateful.

Chastened by the experience, I plan to relax this weekend to the sounds of some of my favourite educational musicians: Abbacus; Cliff Richard III; Jean Michel Bell-Jar and The Whom?

p.s. Many thanks to David Gilmour for his speedy and helpful response to the many queries I have had while getting the hang of blogging.