Sum Enchanted Evening

I’d like to flag up an interesting listening event this Thursday (25th May) on Radio 4. Melvyn Bragg and his guests on Radio 4’s In Our Time will be discussing the science of mathematics as applied to music.

The programme goes out firstly at 09.00 – 09:45 – think I’m busy then – can’t quite recall what it is….. and there is a shortened repeat from 21:30 – 22:00. As it seems a shame to miss one third of the programme, the option of downloading an mp3 file might appeal – to listen to in your time. On the right of the
In Our Time webpage three options stand out against yellow backgrounds. Right-clicking Download then left-clicking Save Target As.. will open a window to facilitate this. The default title – a string of numbers – is of little help when trying to locate the file at a later stage. I always rename at that point.

As to what might be discussed, I can only guess but possibilities are: frequency as related to the pitch of individual notes; the ratio of frequencies as related to groups of notes (chords); the relationship of chords, scales & modes to key centres; equal temperament (our standard Western tuning system ) and its relationship to older European systems or those of other continents; Fibonacci Series (in Bartok); prime numbers (in Messiaen); sacred numbers (The Top 40)

Those new to the site might be interested in exploring the huge archive of “listen again” files. Unfortunately these are not (at the moment) available for download. The archive is divided up into six categories:

  1. Current Series – each also appears in a specified archive
  2. Science e.g. Memory and the Brain
  3. Religion e.g. The Soul the key to individuality in humans?
  4. Philosophy e.g. Imagination – just what is it?
  5. History e.g. The Alphabet – its creation and development
  6. Culture e.g. The Scottish Enlightenment – how enlightened?

and many a happy CPD hour could be spent exploring them.