The Final Frontier

What a great day! I was invited to join a trip to the Glasgow Science Centre as part of the activities week at Knox.

The customary exchange of prisoners at Harthill complete (our sunshine for their rain), we continued on to the futuristic venue. Our first destination was the imax cinema for a fascinating film about the international space station. The next time that consonance feels elusive in a meeting, it might be inspirational to think of the impressive logistics of building the components of this enormous station in various countries and meeting only in space to assemble them.

Should we ever achieve zero-gravity in East Lothian schools, I’d like to suggest adding shaving and eating under such circumstances to current Brain Gym activities. The cosmonauts and astronauts made it look so effortless.

The 3D specs really did the trick and it was impressive to see many people dodging, or reaching out to grab, nearby objects. One pupil, sitting next to me, asked to borrow my 3D specs and those of my neighbour with the intention of wearing all three pairs simultaneously. I suggested that this would afford him 9D vision and, to his credit, he didn’t seem too disappointed when this didn’t really work out.

The afternoon’s event was a theatrical show about energy – what it is and how to conserve it…..this on the day when my journey was Edinburgh-Haddington-Glasgow-Haddington-Edinburgh. The gentle irony of this was not lost on me – nor on my size 17 carbon footprints.