Peared Reading at Wallyford

Today was a special day. The activities week (that’s the last mention – honest) made it possible for me to organise a short concert in Wallyford PS. Six Wallyford FPs, who are now S1 – S3 Grammarians, combined with three P7 pupils to perform for the entire school. The music (six items) formed part of an assembly which also featured Bronze Certificates being awarded for a variety of achievements, and a parade of fruit-based hats, most of which would make Carmen Miranda look like Andy Capp. There was a prize for the winner – in P2 – whose kayak-shaped creation contained enough fruit to fulfil the 5-a-day recommendation for his whole class.

As always, the reception at Wallyford was fantastically affectionate and it was nice to see Debbie Beverage (HT) balance the delicate ingredients of joviality and order essential to such an assembly. Debbie also agreed, at extremely short notice, to join the group in a performance of “Love Me Tender.”

Backstage, the Grammarians were delighted to have the chance to catch up with Mary Vevers – their former P7 teacher.

Funny old thing, t’internet. Before posting this, I read Don’s blog, which directed me to (
The Education ICT Weblog), where Karen Robertson recommended (
Global Voices), where I listened to Eduardo Avilar discussing the recent nationalisation of hydrocarbons in Bolivia. It’s amazing to think how unlikely and time-consuming such a journey would have been 10 or 15 years ago.

Anyone looking for recommended musical entertainment on Saturday night could make their way to the Corn Exchange, Haddington at 8.00 p.m. to see the Antonio Forcione Quartet. The last time the quartet played in Edinburgh the line-up featured Adriano Adewale – percussion; Jenny Adejayan -cello and Igor Outkine – accordion – in addition to Forcione’s powerhouse guitar playing.