Friday Night Is Music Night

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.” Emo Philips (b 1956)

Winding down – that’s what I like about this term. A light morning of teaching (six lessons); skip lunch; straight into serial rehearsing – Guitar Group (sounding good, even if I say so myself); Jazz Band; Gig on the Grass Band; drive home; check emails (continue to be amazed at how gullible some spammers imagine us all to be); play a few moves of online chess (to clear, or possibly finish off, the mind); get ready to go out to Trinity Guildhall Syllabus Seminar (for new graded instrumental exams). The outcome of this evening will determine whether to go with this new exam system or to defect to the Associated Board.

Speaking of boards – at the side of each chess board (these games are correspondence as opposed to in real time) there is a message box. I had previously congratulated a German opponent on the performance of his team in the opening game of the World Cup. He asked, “for which team is your heart beating?” How poetic!