MGS Summer Concert

I’m normally a one post a day man, but I thought I’d include a few words about the summer concert while it is still fresh in my memory.

As Ronnie Summers’ (HT) closing words reminded us, concerts rely on a huge team effort to:

  • set up the hall
  • produce programmes and sell tickets
  • organise catering and front of house
  • set up and monitor sound

Against this backdrop, the pupils, instructors, teachers and audience can relax into the music.

There was an atmosphere of good cheer throughout this 20-item concert. Everybody played well, everyone looked like they wanted to be there and the audience was very responsive. The mix of solos, ensembles and orchestral items covered as many countries as it did centuries.

At one point, during the second guitar group item, I felt the pace was significantly faster than we normally play. It occurred to me to slow it down a little in the interest of avoiding disaster. However, I scanned the 24 faces in the group and no-one appeared to be the least bit stressed. For some reason the words, “just let them run, then” came into my mind. There are very few highs which do not contain some element of fear.

Apart from running the guitar group, my other function in MGS concerts is to play bass guitar with some orchestral and choral items. It’s a thing I’ve not thought about much before but part of this job entails playing music (some items for the first time) with your colleagues/pals. It’s during these moments, freed from speaking, writing, planning and thinking that you get straight to the heart of what this is all about. If I’m not regularly in touch with that experience then there’s no way I can hope to pass it on.