Dear Santa

My wish for Exc-el is a page combining the following features:

  • 101 handy hints for the new teacher
  • things I wish I’d learned earlier
  • thought for the day

I gather that there are 1000 teachers in East Lothian. If every third person were to contribute just one offering, this would amount to a year’s worth of daily postings.

I have learned a great deal while sitting at a computer in the classrooms of seasoned teachers – Salt Paterson & Pepper Cruickshank (MGS) and (primary sector’s gain/secondary sector’s loss) Paprika Holden (formerly NBHS). Much of this concerns the way things are expressed. These were lessons in tone, volume, tempo and phrasing as much as in content and conduct. That it is possible to learn so much through simple eavesdropping, suggests that much more could be learned by reading the considered, distilled thoughts of our experienced teachers?

Possible topics might include:

  • time-saving admin tips
  • time-saving IT tips/shortcuts etc
  • classroom organization tips
  • ideas/similes/analogies which seem/seem not to work
  • things which have proved popular/unpopular
  • ambiguities to be avoided
  • phraseology which is rarely misunderstood
  • recommended reading, websites etc.

How exactly this would be organized is anyone’s guess but, in theory, is anybody up for it?