Town & County

In many ways an instructor’s admin chores result from his/her adopting the role of a prism. The demands of the authority and of individual schools meet in each instructor in a unique way. No other instructor visits the same schools, on the same day(s), for the same time. Therefore no ready-made calendar of events can exist which can be passed onto pupils. An example of this struck me recently when compiling a rehearsal schedule for the Guitar Group at Musselburgh Grammar School (MGS). Most other schools rehearse during a weekday lunchtime. Senior* players meet their peers to form the East Lothian Guitar Ensemble (ELGE) one Friday per month. These two things cannot be confused. However, the MGS group rehearses on a Friday and this schedule is necessarily mixed in with the county-wide schedule. Friday also features a variable finishing time depending on the local agreement, holidays etc. In order that pupils and parents can cope with the vagaries of such a situation, I like to publish a schedule. Attached is a draft version of this session’s dates to give some idea of the situation.

Friday Rehearsals

* senior has as much to do with experience and enthusiasm than with age – last session’s ELGE featured several S1 pupils.