Hear No Evil

Being keen to keep the posts on arranging together, I have not yet mentioned Monday’s In Service. We spent some time on learning styles and filled in two questionnaires. The first was to determine whether we were inclined to a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning style, after which we discussed how a heightened awareness of this might affect how we view our pupils. It turned out that nobody present was kinaesthetically inclined. A slim majority were visual people, which surprised me, given the company. I belonged to the auditory group which did not surprise me in the least. I frequently exasperate people with my appalling sense of direction and poor observation.

I asked whether any of the visual people played by memory and, if so, whether they saw the page in their head or looked at the instrument (where appropriate). I think the final consensus was that, in contrast to the modes of input, most of us were in a more kinaesthetic mode when performing – which makes sense.

The second questionnaire was a Myers-Briggs test to give some clue as to our thinking styles. The possible outcomes included: concrete sequential; concrete random; abstract random; abstract sequential; a combination of these. My result placed me firmly in a category which brought a poorly thought out 60s shopping centre to mind – concrete random.

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