Nothing to report

It’s funny how things can turn on a sixpence (2.5p to anyone under forty – or 0.04 Euros for people even younger than that). Recently I listed, in a comment, those people I thought might chance upon my blog. I confessed that I hadn’t really mentioned it to pupils. The option of additional pages has changed everything and now the pupil/parent section seems to have taken up more time than standard blogging – and this may the case for a wee while.

Discussions are underway about the uploading of a guide to home practice for pupils and parents. Pupils are becoming quite animated about the prospect of their recordings appearing on t’internet. Meanwhile, advice is being sought about how to label these in such a way that (a) they can be easily found and (b) data protection guidelines are observed.

Midi files are being prepared so that pupils can practise guitar group music at home in a virtual ensemble. Sibelius parts are being dragged through a suite of programs so that pdf copies of all parts can be posted on the site.

Plans for the Lesson Support Page include posting: technical exercises; exam-related material; a glossary of technical terms and concepts used in lessons.

The idea of a diary page has crossed my mind where pupils/parents can readily check details of school and local authority concerts, rehearsals, bus times, departure points, forthcoming concerts by visiting artists, deadlines for exam entries, a list of fees, details of the venue, length of exams, what to bring etc.

In short, I’d like these pages to be a one-stop-shop where families can access everything which might be of some support. It’s the sort of thing I’ve dreamed about for ages. So, if there appear to be no new posts for a while, why not click on some of the links down the right of the page and see what we’re up to?

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  1. Brilliant work, Alan! It’s great to see a wee community spring up around your blog getting passionate about guitar and music in general. I wonder if any of them would like to blog their own thoughts on learning, like a learning blog? What do you think? They could get a link in your sidebar and viceversa. We could also highlight the community when the new portal is up and running.

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