It Says Here…

“The earth is like a spaceship that didn’t come with an operating manual.“      Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983)

Amidst the rush of events which converge at this time of year – rehearsals, concerts, updating timetables, fun activities etc. –  it is possible that some seemingly smaller matters might go unreported. With this in mind, I’d like to say how pleased I was to receive the East Lothian Council Instrumental Music Service Handbook, which arrived through the door recently.

Following the stated aims of the service, there appear definitions of:

  • the role of the service
  • the role of the school
  • the role of pupils and parents
  • the role of instrumental staff

 The book goes on to include:

  • specifics of contracts
  • recommended selection procedure
  • guidelines on good practice
  • record keeping
  • communication with parents
  • an explanation of various administrative procedures
  • in service & CPD expectations

It also contains various template forms:

  • Self Certification Form
  • Application for Special Leave
  • Travel Claim Form
  • Parental Consent Form.

In this last example, parents (on behalf of pupils) sign up for their side of the bargain. Where does our side of the bargain appear? In this handbook.

I feel that one of the main benefits of having such details in writing will be the dissolution of some of the vagaries brought about when one is the apparent Servant O’ Twa Maisters – individual school and local authority. Moreover, it should enable new recruits to hit the ground running.

2 thoughts on “It Says Here…”

  1. It makes sense to have the important things written down in black and white. I am sure it will put an end to a lot of confusion and hearsay. A similar handbook would be of use in other education related services where the staff arent employed under the same terms and conditions as teachers.

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