Roses are red, Violets are blue, I enjoyed my short holiday, Both days 1 & 2

A pot pourri of educational professionals gathered this morning in the Brunton Hall for a series of presentations and reflections on contributions (present and future) to A Curriculum for Excellence. There were presentations from:

Don Ledingham’s closing address touched on the contributions of Sports Coordinators, Museums & Archaeology. He also outlined the three principles* of East Lothian’s Learning & Teaching Policy and idea of lifelong learning. During the question session, it became clear that many present had concerns about funding in the future.

Instrumental staff reconvened in the afternoon to discuss a variety of more job-specific topics. One idea whose time had come was laptops for instructors. Many expressed difficulties in accessing computers in school time and there was a general feeling that the ICT revolution had perhaps passed us by. Our coordinator, Peter Antonelli, queried the uses to which such expenditure could be put and asked that those who regularly use their own laptops in lessons email a description of such practice. As I use my own laptop for a variety of teaching, preparation and admin purposes, I proposed writing a post about this – in the spirit of openness.
*1. All learners should be treated with unconditional positive regard

2. Learners need to be engaged for learning to take place

3. The development of teaching and learning should be a collaborative enterprise

As I write, the findings of a UNICEF study – that the lives of British children are the worst in the developed world – are on the news.

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