Peo Kindgren

Yesterday I came across a huge catalogue of fine performances on YouTube by Peo Kindgren – a Swedish guitarist, resident in Denmark.

In addition to very nice playing I was struck by the sound quality which is the best I have heard on YouTube. His own sound production on the guitar is excellent and I imagine that the bare wooden room he uses is also a contributory factor. However, I have written to ask him if he uses any post-production equipment to achieve such magnificent results. I am curious for two reasons:

  1. I should very much like to explore the avenue of similar recordings of pupils
  2. I am considering options for making my own recordings of new, external exam material

The latter of these is not intended to replace pupils working from notation but would offer a great supplementary resource for the more visually inclined learner.

I’d recommend any of the Bach three pieces which open the extensive list of links I have posted at the end of the Recommended Youtube Performances Page – on the right. The Air is one most people would recognise instantly.

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