myspace music

To be honest, I had always imagined myspace to be something like bebo – a social networking forum aimed predominantly at young people. Then Malcolm MacFarlane, a Haddington-based guitarist, alerted me to some tracks he had deposited there. I began to see the site in a new light, particularly when I discovered that my cousin, Martin Byatt (also a guitarist) had his space. I began to root around further and have now posted some links on a new page.

Apart form those mentioned already, my personal favourites include the Zagreb Guitar Quartet. They seem to have captured the holy trinity of ingredients here (arrangement, performance and recording). On their website, they also generously provide a link where you can hear two more tracks (“while you surf”).

I should also like to recommend Gareth Pearson. Cousin Martin met him while playing in the Ullapool Guitar Festival and was impressed/horrified to discover that he began playing four years ago. Given that these are audio links, may I suggest clicking on link and imagining any S4 pupil you know playing like that.