Connected Media

“Eventually Everything Connects”    Charles Eames (1907-78)

Since becoming convinced by Robert Jones’ post to subscribe to a feed-reader (Google Reader, in this particular case) I’m pleased to have come across many articles, blogs, sites etc. that I might otherwise have missed. Here are a few of the interesting ones, some of which may be of interest to others:

Music related  –  Music & Personality which includes a link to a description of The Five Big Personality Traits  –  Seven Ways Music Influneces Mood  –  Discover The Perfect Musical Performance

One for the “reporting season” – Writing Down Affectionate Thoughts Reduces Cholestorol

One for Guidance? Spotting Lies or test yourself at this skill here

Language – White Brain Matter & Fast Language Learners

Study Skills? Gesture, Meaning & Memory

Social Ed? A Quirky Look At Our Quirky Species

Transition? Cognitive Ability Mostly Developed Before Adolesence

All of us? Attention Span  –  Feeling valued in the workplace  –  Decision Making

And if it all gets too much – Putting Things In Perspective, whose links include one to featuring a fantastic film called Powers of Ten by Charles Eames depicting the size of the universe from the macroscopic to the microscopic.

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