I’m taking the opportunity whenever I can to post at school as we’ve been offline for around three weeks at home. A very short history of events is:

  • agree to upgrade – faster speed – unlimited downloads
  • existing modem doesn’t work with new set up
  • agree to buy wireless router (The Great Provider’s own make)
  • that doesn’t work – a problem with the line?
  • three days to check line – this isn’t the problem after all
  • a new router is to be sent – but this takes more than a week to arrive
  • throughout all the above, a great deal of time and money spent on the phone

The Great Provider (to whom I also pay £10.40 per month for my website) has agreed that we should be compensated for lost time and has suggested that the cost of each day offline will be deducted from the usual bill. Now, I hate to fuel the fires of our compensation culture, but somehow I feel that this is not enough. Is it just me?

2 thoughts on “Offline”

  1. It’s not enough, no. That’s not compensation; that’s just you not being charged for service that wasn’t provided. Compensation is what you should get on top of that to make up for the inconvenience. Unlucky.

  2. especially since, as I read it anyway, the problem still isn’t resolved. It does seem wierd and worrying.

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