MGS Summer Concert

These days the summer concert is an endangered species. For practical reasons, not the least of which is that S6 pupils will have left school in May, many departments opt instead for a spring concert. As the weeks of study leave tick by any sensible instructor, rehearsing for a summer concert is likely to experience at least a hint of doubt. Will the seniors keep up with practice? Is the online ensemble practice, via this blog really a complete substitute for being in the room, listening to my profound teachings? Will they simply do a runner? Do the seemingly abandoned juniors share your belief that it’ll be alright on the night?

In the case of Musselburgh Grammar School, these doubts are minimised by one factor in particular. The majority of S6 pupils will have started with me in P5 at Campie & Wallyford Primaries and would not dream of ending a 9-year relationship poorly. In any case, these students are likely to be called upon as soloists or duettists and may well be involved in sound engineering and/or stage management. In this regard, this concert was special for me as the first wave of P5 pupils I ever taught were about to head for the horizon. As I mentioned to the audience, these pupils have taken part in every concert I can recall in the last nine years – in the school, in the town and in the county. Music is no longer something that we give to them or that they do for us – it is their thing.

As it turned out, this 20-item concert was the great evening everyone was hoping for. The pupils played better than ever, the audience was extremely appreciative – possibly because the large hall means allow pupils to be present throughout the concert, constituting a voluble part of the audience when not playing.

At the end, as I was thanking pupils for their contribution, a P5 guitar pupil appeared announcing, “I’m inspired.” The cycle begins anew.

3 thoughts on “MGS Summer Concert”

  1. Hi Alan
    I can see how the P5 pupil was inspired. It really was a most enjoyable evening and great credit to all the instructors and Bob and Ann.
    Roll on the Christmas concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done!

    Do you have any involvement with Ross High School in Tranent, Alan?

    My son starts there next year and is keen to try guitar. I play a small amount of classical guitar and would love to think he had such a conscientious and inspiring person teaching at the school.

    All the best


  3. Many thanks for your kind remarks gentlemen! I’m glad you enjoyed the evening so much.

    Dave, you’ve beaten Tesco & Sainsbury to the first mention of Christmas!

    Chris, I don’t have a connection with RHS – a conscientious and inspiring colleague of mine works there.

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