We won’t make a drama out of a dance class

I was pleased to be able to oblige Rob Woodhead of MGS this evening by casting two votes for the school in a bid to win sponsorship from Norwich Union for a dance project. At the end of last session in the end of term extravaganza, Mussie’s Got Nae Talent, one the best things there (and in fact in any school performance I’ve ever attended) was an explosive, gritty choreography by a team of outgoing S6 pupils. So it was good to be able to contribute in some small way to the continuation of such great work. Perhaps I can quote from Rob’s email in the hope that others might join in:

The initiave is a voting system.  The voting process is a simple procedure, simply go to

http://www.joinourteam.com/ and register, then follow the instructions.

The school only needs 50 votes to receive £1000 in funding.

I hope you can help, please pass on to all friends and family.

2 thoughts on “We won’t make a drama out of a dance class”

  1. The project is called “Girls In Sports Leadership – Lothian” There is a “find out more” link http://www.joinourteam.com/initiative/showinitiative?id=296 which takes you to a description of history and aspirations – also the word Lothian is replaced by Musselburgh.

    I wondered also if only projects within a certain distance of one’s postcode appear – three appeared when I entered my Edinburgh postcode all within 5 miles.

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