Open Office

I mentioned recently that I intended to write a few words about open source software. Not only would I like to do this, I have also promised to do so. Having downloaded Sun Microsystems’s Open Office at no charge whatever, I agreed to evangelise, if impressed, about its word processing, spreadsheet and slide show applications. Not only did this seem fair, but the offer was there to delay any reciprocal action until one has had a chance to test the software.

So far, I have only used the word processing package with which I am very impressed. It can open MS Word documents and also save in that format – in addition to many others. It is pretty much like its rivals as regards look and feel but with one added feature – predictive text. This takes a little getting used to but does speed things up enormously once you have gained confidence. Moreover as it predicts only the end of words as opposed to complete ones, there is no parallel to the situation where you suggest a swift half to a pal by txt which emerges, “Fancy a riot?”

Once again, my thanks to David Gilmour for flagging this up. You can investigate further here (the program, that is, not David Gilmour).