Pinball Eejit

I received a nice email today from Paul Kastner, one of the creators of Lingro. He was very pleased with the write up of the site and asked for any feedback, suggestions for improvement etc. Paul is also a musician an student of Polish – small world – ma?y ?wiat! He asked me about a previous post entitled Pinball Wizard in which I had attempted to illustrate, through use of musical examples, the content of experiments intended to look at similarities in processing language and music. He asked if Unknown tune – correct version was the same as Unknown tune with in-key deviant note. I said that they weren’t for the simple reason that one of the things meant to be proven was that such a difference does not stand out as it does not violate rules of grammar. However, I checked upon returning home and, blow me down, the man’s right! Sorry about that, Paul. The error has now been amended.