The Simple Touch

I recently bought a CD made by some former pupils of North Berwick High School. I never taught any of the musicians concerned, although a couple of them helped me out a few times in the role of guest members of the school’s Guitar Ensemble. The CD is, as far as I’m aware, the recording debut of The Simple Touch  (James Ross – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Robin Hiley – Vocals, Guitars; James Lowe – Bass; Chris Rawson – Drums, Percussion & Stephen MacKinnon – Piano, Synth). It features nine songs, written, recorded and produced by the boys – somehow, I feel I can still call them that. There is, however, nothing boyish about the professionalism of the CD – I was particularly struck by the harmony singing. See what you think in this short extract – trimmed, faded in/out and converted to mp3 by Audacity: Sum of All Fears

Hear more on TheirSpace.

See details of their forthcoming gig in North Berwick.

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