In-car entertainment

Assuming you’re not already in school by 8.02, may I suggest enriching your journey with a daily Prelude & Fugue by Bach. Radio 3 will be playing one every day until Jan 17th. The music is drawn from Bach’s two volumes of The Well Tempered Clavier known affectionately as The 48. These works, written in celebration of the development of equal temperament are regarded by many as the apotheosis of contrapuntal writing (an Int 2 concept – look it up here).

The Radio 3 site features a timeline with audio examples of Bach’s works through his life. The final, haunting item on this timeline features the last written bars of The Art of Fugue (a Higher Music concept – look it up here). Sadly, on the 28th of July 1750, Bach finished his life before he finished this work. The music simply stops….