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In December’s eduBuzz Open Meeting I mentioned that I intended to prepare a handout, to be issued at forthcoming Instrumental Parents’ Evenings. Rather than spend 6 of the alloted 5 minutes describing what I do instead of what the pupil under discussion does, a written summary of the intended benefits seemed like a good idea. I passed around copies at today’s meeting and it was suggested that I post a copy online – for one thing, it’ll be more easily found than paper copies.

 You can view it here: Blogging – what’s in it for pupils, parents & me

4 thoughts on “Handout for parents”

  1. Hi Alan, I really liked the idea of your handout. I will be interested to see what the parents reaction is when you show it to them. Ollie

  2. Really good idea, I’ve always been impressed by what you do Alan. Wish I could do something similar but it would depend on the students having access to the net at home – [do they all have laptops over there? [I think Iheard of a scheme of that sort a while back]

  3. Hi Luisa,

    Thanks for your kind remarks. The pupils don’t have laptops issued by school or anything like that but most access resources on family PCs at home.

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