The Immortal Memory

Repetition in education, rather than being considered the result of memory failure or poverty of expressive means, goes by the name of reinforcement. So, let me reinforce what I’ve said before about the NBHS PTA Burns Supper, which took place last night. As our transatlantic cousins would say, “what’s not to like?” Piping, highland dance demonstration, recitation, speeches, singing, guitar playing and waiting on tables all performed with great savoir faire by pupils. The members of the PTA organised the catering, raffle, bar and general domestic care. Dancing was fuelled by the finest ceilidh band around – The Robert Black Ceilidh Band – featuring award winning brothers Duncan and Robert Black on accordion and piano respectively and our very own Dave Swanson on drums. Rhythmic playfulness, inventive harmonisation and juxtaposition of tunes, together with fiery, virtuosic playing ensured a full dance floor throughout the evening. Of course, no dance floor can be filled without enthusiastic, capable dancers – something which is a forte of NBHS.