So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye

When does school life end? Last formal lesson? Last exam? Last signature on leaving form? For many S6 pupils at North Berwick High School the leaving process began to register at the Spring Concert on Thursday 24th April. This would be the last of many performances on the school stage and it was clearly an emotional experience for some. A tradition has become established in the school for the outgoing S6 to sing a song of thanks to the Music staff – having already showered us generously with gifts – and this year’s offering ensure us that they’d “always love music.” The following mp3 sketch will give you some idea of the variety on offer that evening – a variety all the more impressive when you consider that at least one S6 pupil took part in every item in this clip: NBHS Spring highlights

Many thanks to the makers of the open source program Audacity with which this clip was edited.