What better way to start the day than to sail past your normal school, and enjoy the beautiful drive from Haddington to Gifford on a sunny morning? Senior moment? Wrong turning? In fact it was a Transition-based event featuring three S2 guitarists from Knox, returning to their old school to play for current Yester pupils.
They seemed delighted to be there, as was I – it’s a lovely, bright and welcoming school and it was clear from converstaions beforehand that Dorothy Hilsley, the Head Teacher, remembered not only these pupils well, but also their older siblings.
We played a selection of repertoire from lessons and finished with an ensemble piece – the three pupils involved were among the only five S2 pupils to take part in this year’s East Lothian Guitar Ensemble. The ensemble piece allowed us to demonstrate how pupils practise ensemble music at home using the Guitar Group Midis page. The class teacher, Mr Purves, was also very interested in this aspect as he is the technical brains behind Yester Primary’s very impressive blog.
In addition to having a fun hour out of school, we hoped that the audience will have a more vivid idea of what guitar instruction is all about when they arrive at Knox. The trio also racked up extra house points – a triple whammy as, by an amazing coincidence, all three are in Lammerlaw – as was I thirty-odd years ago.

2 thoughts on “Yester-day”

  1. We really enjoyed seeing our 3 former pupils and hearing their music. Our pupils were very interested and inspired so hopefully you will have a queue of willing candidates fighting to learn the guitar or another musical instrument in Knox over the next few years! You are welcome back anytime.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments re the blog. It was a very enjoyable session, with the former pupils showing their excellent skills really well. Thanks again!

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