Periodic Table of Videos

I strive not to stray too far from the music/education area if I can avoid it, but occasionally something so impressive comes along that I feel I have to flag it up. I just heard on Radio 4’s Material World about a project by staff in the University of Nottingham‘s School of Chemistry, to create a Periodic Table of Videos. Each one could be sought out on YouTube, but it’s easier to find them on the team’s dedicated website. This really is a labour of love of which would surely have touched the heart of the table’s originator, Dmitri Mendeleev.

Professor Martyn Poliakoff has one of the bets science hair-dos of all time!

You can listen again to the programme until Thursday 4th August or download a podcast from the website.

There is another artistic representation of the Periodic Table here – flagged up by Brian a while ago.

3 thoughts on “Periodic Table of Videos”

  1. Now this is the sort of thing which will inspire today’s potential chemists. It also provides a good example of how ICT can be used creatively to link science with the multimedia world students inhabit. All we need are a few big wigs…

  2. My kids were at school with Martyn Poliakoff’s. Their birthday parties were amazing: lots of bangs and bad smells with Martyn the ideal mad professor! All the children believed passionately in magic after one of their ‘do’s’.

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