All Quiet On The Western Back

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Plans have not worked out as I’d hoped. I politely knocked back Ewan‘s offer of a 10-minute spot at the SLF and the opportunity to go to a RSNO concert with Knox Academy in school time as I wanted to spend time with pupils. Having taken Week 1 to complete all primary school testing (a decision I still consider correct) I didn’t wish to miss any more contact time. There were school groups to get underway and the first East Lothian Guitar Ensemble rapidly approaching (Friday 26th).

However, a 22-year old back injury flared up last Sunday and, in the end, I missed six school days – the last of which was today. That time was a mixture of spasms and medication, the cocktail of which seemed sufficiently strong to sedate an angry stallion. Possibly sooner than is sensible, I’ve weaned myself off these as tomorrow (Tue 30th) sees the HITS Conference – the only national conference of instrumental instructors. I’d like to be lucid enough to take in the content of the topics for which I’ve signed up in order to write them up here.

Thanks to everyone for their recent good wishes – especially to Pat Holden who, despite living in Haddington, drove to Edinburgh to pick me up for a concert in Haddington and then returned me safely home.

I’m looking forward to returning to normal school life on Wednesday, probably still sporting a walking stick. To continue the equine theme, I currently have the legs of a young foal – if not in youthful shapeliness, then in uncertainty, and a third leg – albeit it wooden – comes in very handy when core stability is transformed into comic salsa (no, that’s not a new font).

p.s. as I have to leave at 6.45 a.m. to hobble along to Waterloo Place for the coach to Glasgow tomorrow, I now regret watching Newsnight while writing this. I don’t see a refreshing night’s sleep being helped by dreaming about the collapse of the banking system. Perhaps a chamomile tea might help – as (to paraphrase Marx) proper tea is theft!

3 thoughts on “All Quiet On The Western Back”

  1. Thanks GPM

    I too am hoping for increased mobility soon but, with food prices as their current level, skipping like a spring lamb could bring its own dangers.

  2. Poor you!

    I’m glad that though your pain may be slightly dulled through medication, your sense of humour isn’t.

    Hope you’re soon back to full health.

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