Are we being too restrictive in our selection process

For some time now I have suspected that my piano colleagues have been been harbouring too narrow a view of what potential means in prospective pupils. All becomes clear here:[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One thought on “Are we being too restrictive in our selection process”

  1. Extraordinary. Thanks for this. It sparked a memory of a wonderful conference I attended years ago.

    Paul Robertson ( was speaking – inspirationally – about Music and the Mind. He played a sequence of interactions between a music therapist and a severely traumatised 5 year old. At first the child screamed and screamed while the therapist played the piano reflecting the child’s noise. After the the 3rd session, during which the therapist echoed but also counterpointed the child’s distress, there were brief moments of silence.
    On the 10th occasion, the child was initiating contact while the therapist responded with the piano. Finally, the therapist played high-low notes and sang ‘Ha -lo’. The child – magically – sang back. The session ended with laughter.
    Just recalling it makes me weep once more.

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