The perfect end, to the imperfect end, of a perfect day

Usually the last thing I do on a Friday is to thank the MGS Guitar Group for an excellent rehearsal, wish them a great weekend and look forward to something similar for myself. Two thirds of the way through that trilogy this week, and in my own street, I reversed-parked my still-new-to-me car with consummate buffoonery, removing a smidgen of paintwork from the rear bumper of an innocent, unattended car.

Determined to do the honourable thing, I rushed up to the flat, wrote an explanatory note (including insurance details), attached my card with personal details and left it under a windscreen wiper. Moments later, I spotted the owners, a young Polish couple, preparing to drive off. I raced down to speak to them. I stressed to Darek, the driver, that should he wish to pursue the formal course, that was obviously fine. I also suggested that, as it seemed like a small job it might be better for me simply to hand over cash than to risk my no claims protection. We parted on good terms and I awaited a decision at some point.

A few moments later Darek called to say that we should simply forget the whole thing. There was already a similar mark on the front bumper and, although he was hoping to sell the car, this new one was not going to make too much difference. He also thanked me for being honest about my part in the incident, pointing out that most people would simply vanish. I was touched by this and asked if there were any favour I could offer in return. He gratefully suggested that I could put the word out about the car being up for sale. So here goes:

Volvo C70 Coupé 2.4

95,000 miles

Taxed until 31 May 09

MOT until 25 June 09

£2,500 ono

Should you be interested, leave a comment and I’ll pass Darek’s details onto you via email (remember – your email, address which is never displayed – and which I will never pass on, is a necessary part of leaving a comment).