Fair use policy

Thnigs have been quiet in the last few days on this blog, and may continue to be so for the following reason: I do the writing, research, posting at home. Two of these require a working Internet connection. Unfortunately, we are being penalised by the fair use policy for having exceeded our monthly limit. This is no doubt due to a fondness for listen again and downloading from BBC iPlayer. The punishment manifests itself in a connection speed which makes dial-up seem like the speed of light. Emails are just about accessible but most websites take so long to open that a time out comes into effect.

I won’t embarrass the provider by citing their name – suffice to say it rhymes with Scoopanet.  However, I feel justified in this moan: surely with today’s technology, an automated early warning system is not out of the question – we could have avoided this.

So, I’m squeezing this post at school before tackling some tricky page layout issues for the next East Lothian Guitar Ensemble arrangement. Have a nice weekend(s)!

To paraphrase Arnie, “I’ll be Bach”