Acquisitions and mergers

Buffeted by wind towards a parma-violet sky this morning, I reflected upon an environmental incongruity, as the Allemande from Bach’s French Suite No. 5 in G rang out from the harpsichord of Tom Koopman. Were I involved in a car share or public transport, this magic moment would not be happening.

A day’s teaching might normally have been sufficient to overwrite that memory had it not been for a particularly fascinating episode of Word of Mouth at 4:30 on Radio 4. Presenter Michael Rosen discussed:

Intrigued by both interviews, I did a little research at the end of my solo drive home, and was delighted to come across a huge (and freely available) body of work by Daniele Schön

I would be interested in finding research on the role of knowledge of a first instrument when learning a second. I think we’d all agree that in both music and language, learning two is not twice the work of one and that three is not thrice.

You can listen again until 16:30 on Tuesday 24th Dec.

2 thoughts on “Acquisitions and mergers”

  1. Ah you make me sigh for the pleasant solitude of the solo traveller which I used to enjoy before I was obliged through politeness to share my car!
    Thanks for the listen again link.

  2. I used to be in a car pool which was great fun. Sadly our orbits changed, it came to an end and the life of the lone minstrel resumed.

    I recall talking to a guy who commuted from Edinburgh to a school in the beneficent Kingdom of Fife – in a car pool. I asked if they had much fun en route. He said that, by the time everyone had aired their 10-minute moan at the end of the day, they were nearly home. I suggested that they moan in parallel rather than in series as no-one really listens anyway. That way they could air their grievances in 10 minutes of choral negativity, leaving 30 for more enjoyable conversation. He looked at me as though I were insane.

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