Sync School

Normally I ignore the comments on YouTube as they are frequently inane and occasionally abusive. However, I’m glad I looked down today as I came across a technical tip I’d otherwise have missed. The video concerned features interviews by Truman Fisher with Arnold Schoenberg‘s widow Gertrude, youngest son Lawrence and violinist Rudolf Kolisch – brother of Gertrude, one of Schoenberg’s first pupils and ambassadors of his music.

The sound and vision were out of sync and, for a moment I wondered if a passage of it had been dubbed. However, one of the contributors had offered a technical tip to fix this. Go to the end of the url and add “&fmt=18” – then hit Return. The video will restart with improved synchronisation. Thanks to sneddley for that.

While searching for links for this post, I came upon an amazing mugshot of Igor Stravinsky following his arrest for an arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner and one of a very young Leonard Berstein.