An embarrassment of riches

Now that YouTube is unblocked in our schools, I decided to have a look for footage which might support pupils in their understanding and enjoyment of music. Before long it became clear that there was a wealth of invaluable resources. But how are these to be passed on? By word of mouth, simply when we happen to recall something interesting? In the (temporary?) absence of another source I’ve created a new page entitled YouTube links – general (as opposed to the guitar-based one). The form and categorisations may well change when more useful links crop up.

One thought on “An embarrassment of riches”

  1. What wonderful news for the pupils. This made me happy for them even though I am no longer in the ‘education circuit’!
    When people complain about the present standard of education, I say this is a ‘new age of enlightenment’. I still find the computer/television a wonder toy that opens visual and intellectually stimulating info that we not have dreamed possibible.
    Do I sound like an old fuddy duddy to you who have grown up with this tool?

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