The sounds of the alphabet

While searching for links for the YouTube links – general page, I stumbled upon this fascinating video entitled The Sounds of the Alphabet depicting one synaesthete’s perception of the alphabet.

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One might imagine that the mixing of sense which constitutes synaesthesia could act as an impediment to focus and achievement. However, one look at this Who’s Who of synaesthetes should soon dispel that notion.


2 thoughts on “The sounds of the alphabet”

  1. Thanks for this Alan

    I’m a letter -> colour/texture synaesthete, and I like to think the enhancement of those awarenesses helps to make up for the fact that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and am frequently baffled by anything technically musical in your postings.

    But what a shame the video describes synaesthesia as a *disorder* – maybe that’s a medical description, but who’s to say what’s normal, when the human brain thrives on interconnectivity? Synaesthesia is something I really value. It gives an extra dimension to words and it’s proved handy for exam revision over the years.

  2. Thanks for your comment, MotherSoup

    You are the only synaesthete I have ever “met.” Perhaps that’s not surprising as, apparently, many do not realise they have the condition (a term preferable to disorder, I agree) and one estimate puts synaesthetes at 3% of the population ( ) which could mean more than a dozen pupils in a large school.

    Have you ever considered writing about it?

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