Literacy – The Gr8 Db8

A pupil, who has no problem with musical literacy, would like more detailed fingering on an ensemble part – with nothing left uncertain.

Which of the following two appraoches (if either) would you say is a better example of literacy on the part of either the pupil or the teacher?

Option A:

Include comprehensive fingering on the written part.

Option B:

Upload a supplementary video in which pupil can see the teacher play the part against a recording of the ensemble piece.

Answers on a PC 🙂

p.s. the title of this post is a nod to David Crystal  – author of Txting: The Gr8 Db8

Read his blog here.


One thought on “Literacy – The Gr8 Db8”

  1. Each of these demands different types of literacy on the part of the student – and the teacher, of course. One isn’t any better than the other of itself. Unless you’re deliberately trying to develop one or the other type of literacy skill, the best guide would be what the pupil thinks would work best for him or her. As a non-musician, I’d expect the video to be the one that leaves nothing to chance. But maybe that just shows how illiterate I am where written musical parts are concerned!

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