Hands across the pond

I received a nice email from John Lay (of Silver Lake Regional High School in Kingston, MA) complimenting the playing of the East Lothian Guitar Ensemble and asking for details of one of the arrangements so that his own school guitar ensemble could play it. Flattered on behalf of the pupils, I emailed the score, parts and play-along midi files as a gift and look forward to telling the ensemble of our new found trans-Atlantic friends.

2 thoughts on “Hands across the pond”

  1. I was really pleased to hear this news, and am sure that your students will be pleased too. It was kind of you to gift it, and I look forward to hearing how they get on.

    This is one of the reasons I think Scottish schools need to complement their use of the safe, controlled private environment of Glow with a heathy dose of the less predictable public world-wide web. These serendipitous connections seem to have a value beyond any carefully planned link-ups that teachers might organise. Your students may well tell this story for years, and it may lead to more connections int he future.

  2. I knew your inspired teaching and arranging would be discovered/appreciated sooner or later Alan.
    Your musicians have always impressed me; they deserve to be heard by a wider audience. Without travelling across the pond, they have reached the ears of someone with good taste! How wonderful the internet is. Just think of the cost to you all if you had had to do a tour.
    Maybe that will come…….
    Best Wishes to you and the players.
    Ann Cruickshank

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