Desert Island Mashup

I’m in the process or preparing a short CPD session for colleagues on the free, open-source sound- recording and editing program, Audacity. When pitching the idea, I suggested that we could each prepare a Desert Island Discs CD, featuring 1 minute each of eight tracks. In addition to learning such aspects of the program as fade-ins and fade-outs, it would encourage us to discuss music with one another – a thing which, somewhat ironically, rarely happens. The other irony is that, in seeking accommodation, I discovered that the room containing the most computers, loaded with Audacity is not in a Music department, but CDT.

To experiment with cross-fading, I’ve cut down my original Desert Island Disc extracts to a few seconds. This is the sort of mashup one could use to give an overall flavour of, say, a school concert. While I think you’ll agree that this selection desert-island-discs-mashup doesn’t represent the ideal dinner party mix, it probably doesn’t matter as, on a desert island, one tends to dine alone. “Just as well,” some of you may say upon hearing these extracts.


2 thoughts on “Desert Island Mashup”

  1. What a fascinating selection! But now I need the crib sheet! I think I recognised some, but by no means all. It will bother me now to know if I was right, and to discover the identity of those I wasn’t familiar with.
    Please put me out of my misery!

  2. What a great idea. Sorry to missing out on the fun! Loved your chosen excerpts Alan. Delicious. Visually stunning(my imagination).
    Lucky forms of life on you deserted island.

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