One thought on “Something to bear in mind”

  1. Thank you on behalf of all those of my ex-colleagues I have bumpted into these last few days, who have looked a little peeky knowing that the real world starts for them next week.(They are rushing around making the most of those last few days and have not perhaps had time to pick up on this Wise advice) I have a big cheshire cat grin, as this is the first time since 1969 that I do not get that ‘oh dear’ one week to go feeling.
    It is happiness.Worth waiting for. I will, however, smile when things go wrong as they do for everyone at times…and count my blessings (I do that every time I see someone in a wheel chair),and enjoy this wonderful, wonderful life full of wonderful kind people.
    Take care Alan….and keep smiling. I do miss the kids..wish them all the best that their education can bring them.

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