Head Teachers’ Conference

On Wednesday 24th, I was privileged to accompany NBHS’s Zoe (voice), Bess, Polly, Callum & Fraser (guitars) in a performance of four songs by Robert Burns at East Lothian’s latest Head Teachers’ Conference in The Ministry of Truth (John Muir House).

There is some video footage of these very well received performances which I hope to edit and post later.

In addition to playing, the visit featured a public interview of the pupils on how their music contributes to: the school; the community; their learning in general. I was very impressed at the calm and articulate way in which the pupils handled this part of the visit.

The troupe was actually smaller than originally intended as two pupils were involved in S3 exams while another, in S6, was being interviewed (successfully) for a place at Newcastle University. In a world where people worry about the resilience of future generations, I was impressed at how these performances were able to go ahead with 3/8 of the personnel missing.

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