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Are you concerned about the future of classical music and the arts as the elections approaches and in the current climate? Why not listen to (or participate in) Saturday’s live phone-in on Radio 3’s Music Matters at 12:15? Emailed questions are also invited. The panel features Secretary of State for Culture, Ben Bradshaw, and his Conservative and Liberal Democrat counterparts, Ed Vaizey and Don Foster.

2 thoughts on “Music Matters”

  1. Hello Alan,
    Thank you for alerting us to this programme.
    Alistair Orr (Brass Instrumental teacher) Spoke eloquently
    for you all.
    However, the answers were as usual, to throw the blame on
    someone else and fudge the big issues.
    We will have to wait and see I suppose.
    It makes me mad to think we have to depend on Lottery moneyfor
    our super talented musicians to survive.
    What did you make of the programme?
    ps I did send the following email:

    Question for the panel;

    Do you think it is every child’s right to have instrumental instruction,

    provided of course the child wants to learn and shows ability?

    In Scotland, the authorities have withdrawn instrumental instruction in some schools.

    This worries me.
    Many parents do not have the money to buy the instruments and pay for private tuition.
    Some instruments are expensive (e.g. Brass instruments).
    We sometimes take our orchestras, choirs, and bands for granted in this country.
    If we are to continue to compete with Germany (French system is terrible), and produce the talented youngsters we must support the instrumental staff who produce our orchestral and solo players.
    Musicians are a special group…OK.
    Every child should be special.
    Every child should be at least given the opportunity.
    Every child no matter how poor or deprived or handicapped should at least be given the chance…given instrument lessons.
    ..if that child has the ability.
    This child we are talking about might be your child.
    This child might have no parents, poor, but a highly talented and eager student…
    This child might be your child.
    Do we deprive him of something that will give him pleasure confidence companionship and help with the other studies?
    (Research shows that reading music does help with other studies)
    Who ever is in power, just remember this might be your child one day.
    If your child shows ability and a strong desire to play would you not want him/her to get the chance?
    This child might be your child.
    Unlike industry or business that produces wealth in terms of money,
    the reward at the Christmas Concert or Summer Concert infinitely more precious than morney can buy.
    Please, whoever gets into power, do not cut instrumental music lessons in Primary or Secondary Schools.
    Ann Cruickshank
    Retired Music Teacher.

    Comment by ann cruickshank — April 11, 2010 @ 11:39 am

    Sorry Alan..had a problem with the computer and I put the comment

  2. Thanks for your impassioned comment, Ann. As luck would have it, I was involved in the tai chi class in Meadowbank when the programme went out but will catch it on iPlayer and get back to you.

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