It’s funny how the occasional phrase has such a resonance that it immediately outgrows its context and makes you consider its application in your own life. Listening to Radio 4’s Case Notes en route home today, I heard the phrase (coined by Ajit Abraham of Royal London Hospital) “it’s only as good as the spirit in which it’s done.” What was being referred to were safety procedures in hospitals but immediately a raft of associations occurred to me about school life: practice; procedures; routine; curriculum; repertoire; rehearsal; performance….

3 thoughts on “Resonance”

  1. The expression reminds me of Richard Sennett’s work on craftsmanship, where the spirit is one of dedication to endless practice and continuous improvement in development of a challenging skill. Yesterday’s Guardian provided a sad reminder that for so many people, their jobs have been standardised to such an extent that they have almost no control of what they do. The spirit-sapping nature of these jobs must have a strong relationship with how well they’re done.


  2. Actually, I’m just being daft – it works fine from here – but it didn’t in the email notification of your comment – a gmail problem then, not an eduBuzz one 🙂

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